NEN goes on 'digitally' during measures concerning COVID-19

19-03-2020 NEN follows the advice of the Dutch government and the RIVM and, like many companies in the world, takes measures to rearrange our work until April 6. Working in the office and the many meetings that normally take place are temporarily impossible. Fortunately, we are accustomed, both nationally and internationally, to work ‘remotely and virtually’ so standardization work at NEN continues.

The measures taken until April 6:

  • The office building at the Vlinderweg in Delft will be closed from Monday 23 March to 6 April.
  • Where possible, meetings, training courses and other gatherings are organized in a virtual way. All NEN employees work from home. We will meet our customers, stakeholders and other relations online. With online meeting tools, webinars, e-mail or telephone, a lot is possible. We have the digital resources to continue working with you.
  • Events are canceled or moved to a later date.
  • Booked training courses will be postponed to a later date or will take place virtually. Participants of training courses will receive a personal message.

We ask for your understanding and hope that, just like us, you can think creatively in everything that can take place virtually. Together we can let standardization work continu.

International agreements

Standardization does not come to a standstill due to the measures taken. To keep the international standardization system running, both NEN and the European CEN-CENELEC and global ISO are implementing alternative solutions. Meetings take place virtually, are postponed or canceled. All committee members involved will be informed individually.

Meer informatie

If you had planned to attend one of our meetings or trainingg courses before April 7, you will receive a personal message. Do you have any other questions? Please contact the Communications department, e-mail

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