NEN presents recent insights on the use of climate prognoses at COP23 Climate conference

07-11-2017 At this conference in Bonn at the 9th of November 2017 a presentation will be given by NEN, sharing recent insights on the use of climate prognosis in standards for infrastructures.

At the COP23 conference world leaders will discuss next steps to implement the results of the COP21 conference, which concluded in the world-wide Paris agreement. One important issue at the conference is adaptation: how to deal with the effects of climate change, such as extreme rainfall, storms and drought? This is specifically relevant for infrastructures, such as roads, telecom and energy-supply and buildings, as these are critical for the continuation of society during extreme events. In the EU infrastructures are built according to standards (usually EN-standards), and a cornerstone in the EU’s climate change adaptation strategy is that standards take into account the effects a changing climate.

In relation to this NEN works with a broad range of stakeholders on making climate prognoses suitable for use in European standards for infrastructures. The survey is carried out on behalf of the European Programme Copernicus Climate Change Services, C3S, which aims to provide European stakeholders with access to authoritative information about climate change and its impact on society. In the long term the survey will enhance the resilience of infrastructures to the effects of a changing climate, such as extreme heat, precipitation and storm. In this survey a broad range of experts involved in designing infrastructures have been consulted.

At the COP23 NEN will present the first results of this survey. This will be linked to presentations on the role of standardization in climate change by ISO (the global organization for standardization), the EU and CEN/CENELEC (the European organization for standardization).
The presentations will be held in the EU pavilion at the 9th November, 10.00-11.30 by Ab de Buck on behalf of NEN.

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