Participants in IWA for professional farmer organizations convene

08-11-2018 Early 2018 ISO approved the proposal for an IWA (International Workshop Agreement) for professional farmer organizations. On November 7 and 8 stakeholders discussed the content of this definition.

AMEA (Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance) approached the Dutch standardization institute NEN to facilitate the development of this IWA. Stakeholders were invited to participate in the development of this definition for a professional farmer organization. Registration closed in July and over 220 participants from different stakeholder groups and 51 countries indicated they want to work on the IWA.

Meeting in Delft

During the two day meeting in Delft, participants will discuss over 300 comments that were submitted. If consensus is reached it is expected that in the first quarter of 2019 the IWA will be published.

A definition

Farming as a business helps to elevate poverty. A consensus based guideline for development of a professional farmer organization will provide market actors, capacity builders, investors, donors, commodity certification schemes and regulators with a common language and understanding around characteristics of farmer organizations and needs for improvement.

All parties concerned

NEN is facilitating the development of the IWA. The recognized development process will assure that the IWA includes perspectives from all parties concerned and is based on consensus.

More information

For more information please contact Thamar Zijlstra, consultant standards development,, +31 640 165 080.

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