Product standard for bio-based solvents published

28-11-2017 The first product standard for bio-based materials was published on 1 November 2017. The European Commission, who financially supported the development, strongly motivates public procurers and industry to use this standard and its referenced test methods for biological content, sustainability and user information and labelling.

The last decades have seen an increased interest in bio-based products due to their benefits in view of the depletion of fossil resources and climate change. Moreover, bio-based products may provide additional product functionalities. This has triggered a wave of innovation with the development of knowledge and technologies allowing new transformation processes and product development.

NEN-EN 15766

Acknowledging the need for common standards for bio-based products, in 2011 the European Commission mandated the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to develop standards for bio-surfactants and bio-solvents in relation to bio-based product aspects. The first result is NEN-EN 16766:2017 'Bio-based solvents - Requirements and test', which was published on 1 November 2017. The standard was developed by CEN/TC 411 'Bio-based products' within a working group convened by the European Solvents Industry Group and with the secretarial support of NEN.


The purpose of this document is to define how the criteria of performance, health, safety and environment can be determined (measured and calculated) for the bio-based solvents placed on the market. `Furthermore, 'bio-based specifics' such as biological content and biodegradability are covered. As such, the standard intends to strengthen the reputation of 'bio-based solvents' and to increase customer confidence.


Each participating country in CEN now has 6 months to implement the standard at national level by publication of an identical national standard or by endorsement. Then the market players are to take the next step because these standards are not linked to EU Directives as such. NEN is already involved in projects to disseminate the bio-based product standards as well as training public procurers on how to require these products and services.

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