Publication of revised NTA 8080, the sustainable biomass standard

22-12-2015 The second edition of NTA 8080, the standard for sustainably produced biomass, has been published on 21 December 2015. This standard has been developed by a working group consisting of representatives from biomass producers and users, NGOs, research institutes, government and certification bodies. The scope now covers both bioenergy and bio-based products. In addition, the standard has been published in two parts: part 1 containing the sustainability requirements and part 2 containing the chain-of-custody requirements.

The first edition of NTA 8080 was published in 2009. A certification system has been developed based on this standard (Better Biomass). This certification system has been recognized by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria as laid down in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). New insights into sustainability have been gained over the past years. Also several certification projects resulted in useful information to update NTA 8080. The standard now consists of two parts:

  • NTA 8080-1:2015 'Sustainably produced biomass for bioenergy and bio-based products - Part 1: Sustainability requirements'
  • NTA 8080-2:2015 'Sustainably produced biomass for bioenergy and bio-based products - Part 2: Chain-of-custody requirements'


New sustainability aspects include cascading of biomass, carbon debt and the option to produce ‘ILUC low risk’ biomass. In addition, requirements have been reformulated based on practical experiences and new developments in the field of legislating, like the ILUC Directive, have been taken into account. Moreover, NTA 8080 is aligned with the sustainability criteria for solid biomass as agreed upon in the framework of the Dutch Energy Agreement. In this way, NTA 8080 can also be used to demonstrate compliance with the Energy Agreement.

Better Biomass

NTA 8080 is part of the Better Biomass certification system. The revision of the certification scheme linked to NTA 8080 is in its final stage of revision to enable issuing certificates for the revised version of NTA 8080. The Better Biomass certification system will be submitted to the European Commission for reassessment for the aforementioned recognition. As soon as the evaluation protocol for the Energy Agreement is available, the Better Biomass certification system will also be submitted in order to qualify for this recognition.

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Please contact Jarno Dakhorst, the secretary of the working group, for more information (e-mail or call +31 15 2 690 245).

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