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27-05-2019 NEN 6603 ‘Environment and food – Internal quality control by the use of control charts with chemical and microbiological analyzes' is translated to English and published. This standard describes how laboratories can better guarantee the quality of their chemical and microbiological tests with statistical control charts.

NEN 6603 is widely used in the Netherlands and there is a lot of interest in this standard from abroad. Therefore this standard is translated into English in order to spread the ideas internationally.

Application NEN 6603

NEN 6603 is suitable for both microbiological and chemical tests. It is applicable for research into foodstuffs, dairy products, animal feed and all environmental compartments such as water, soil and waste. Its application, however, is not limited to these areas. The method can be used for self-assessment of the validity of laboratory tests.


The Dutch laboratories that are also active internationally needed a clear and internationally accepted method of using control charts. The responses about NEN 6603 from abroad were positive. Now that the English version of NEN 6603 has been published, the committee is considering whether NEN 6603 will be submitted to an European or global committee as a proposal for a new standard.

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For information about this standard or about the standardization process: Marina Maroulakis, consultant Environment and Society, telephone 015 2 690 103 or e-mail mm@nen.nl.

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Do you, as an interested party, want to participate in the development of standards in this area? The "Statistical applications" committee deals with standardization of laboratory statistics. Send a mail to mm@nen.nl. for participation in or more information about this committee.


NEN 6603:2010 en

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