H2@Market: Multi-fuel Service Stations and Power to Large Scale Hydrogen

30-11-2016 The ISO Technical Committee on Hydrogen Technologies, ISO/TC 197, and the Energy, Transport and Climate Directorate of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission organize a one-day workshop.

The workshop is on December 7, 2016 in the framework of strategic collaboration on international
standardization. Location Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands.

This Workshop will benefit from the presence of a number of ISO TC 197 experts who meet at the same venue in the same week. It gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate to this Workshop which focuses on two key elements of hydrogen technology deployment in global markets:

- Integration of H2 dispensing into a multi-fuel service station environment;
- Power to Large Scale Hydrogen, in view of the launch of the US DOE initiative H2@Scale and of a number of ongoing demonstration projects in Europe.

For the Workshop we target participation by expert stakeholders from the industry, research, standardization and policy communities. In the interactive session dealing with each topic invited Panelists will answer the following four questions which should help in the subsequent discussion to identify gaps and barriers associated with introduction of these technologies into global markets, as well as the need for and potential steps towards global standardization of requirements:

1. What has been achieved in the last three to four years?
2. What is planned for near term (work-in-progress)?
3. What are the gaps that need to be filled from standardization / regulatory stand points?
4. Is a global standardization effort needed and if yes, who should lead it and how should it be implemented (mechanism / standardization framework)?

The Workshop will conclude with a discussion on how to frame and identify topics for international cooperation in the pre-normative and standardization fields related to both topics.

The workshop is almost fully booked. Should you be interested in participating, please contactTanya Arabadzhieva of JRC.

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