Annual report 2013

07-05-2014 2013 was exceptional for NEN. This annual report illustrates that standardization remains relevant as strategic instrument on the way to efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

The annual report illustrates that standardization is unabated relevant as strategic instrument towards efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Innovation was central. The attention for this was not only targeting the top sectors, but also SMEs and the NEN-organization itself. In the past year many new standards have been published. And a large number has been revised. Appealing examples can be found in the annual report in the timeline along with ‘The Standards’. Also fine developments on the side of standards use have taken place. An overview of this is included in ‘Interaction’.


Due to a weak economy our sales decreased in 2013. Nevertheless we succeeded this year with positive results. We are grateful for the strong cooperation with our clients, participants of our standardisation committees and partners.

Read more and download NEN Annual report 2013 (pdf).

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