Annual report 2014

01-05-2015 2014 was a successful year for NEN: more exposure, more partnerships and an extension of our products & services.

It has been a successful year for NEN. Our knowledge network proved again that it has societal impact. The strategic focus, set in in 2012, on customer value, process management, competence development and innovation has borne fruit.

Many new standardization assignments have been acquired. New standards have been published on topics such as asset management, computer rooms and data centers, and alarm systems. The NEN Connect licensing platform has been improved with the ‘redlining’ functionality. New e-learning modules have been developed. We have also launched a CSR compliance assistance tool and a crowdfunding platform.

NEN weathered the economic crises well and maintains a strong balance to keep investing in improvement and customer value. We are grateful for the strong cooperation with our clients, participants of our standardisation committees and partners.

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