Annual report 2015

08-08-2016 2015 proved another year in which NEN increased its societal impact. Highlights included the issuing of the new quality and environmental management standards, as well as the new NEN 1010. In collaboration with the Government, NEN also improved accessibility of standards prescribed by legislators. During 2015, NEN introduced various products designed to facilitate the application of standards, including webtools and e-learning modules.

2015 saw NEN draw-up its first CSR declaration in conformity with the NEN-ISO 26000 guideline. NEN also experienced a good year financially speaking: turnover increased by 5% compared to 2014. Both customer satisfaction levels and the Net Promotor Score have risen, motivating us to continue investing in improving our products and services.

This year marks our centenary. We have been honoured with the award of the Royal warrant and the crown that has since featured on our logo.

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