Call for tender for the project on Lactobacillus, Enterococcus, Pediococcus, Bacillus and yeast in feed (M/521 project 2)

29-11-2016 As the envisaged project leader for the project of M/523 on probiotics, Mr Bertin with the support of FEFANA members, resigned from the job due to lack of cooperation from probiotics producers, a new call for tender needs to be launched. As there were also new insights on what techniques are appropriate and what the scope of the project should be, CEN/TC 327/WG 3 discussed the project in its meeting of 5 April 2016 in Prague and by correspondence. EC Sante has confirmed the updated project description.

Attached are the description of the project (Annex A) and the procedure for assessment of the offers (Annex B).

Reply to the tender may be provided by one organization (or one organization using subcontracts) addressing the entire project as specified in Annex A.

Offers for the work, including justification of the proposed technique(s) and the plausibility of sufficient laboratories willing and capable to participate in the collaborative trial(s), are welcomed by the CEN/TC 327 secretariat,, by 5 December 2016.

This call is circulated in both the plenary CEN/TC 327 and its WG 3, and published on the websites of CEN and NEN.

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