Development of a Dutch technical agreement (NTA) for helmets for use on fast electric bicycles

14-12-2015 Initiated by the RAI association and NEN, NEN will start developing an NTA for fast electrical bicycles (S-EPAC). All relevant stakeholders can sign up for this project until January 25, 2016.

Nowadays, in the Netherlands, the e-bike has become a very common mode of transportation. The e-bike enables many people to travel healthy and ecologically responsible, adding the possibility over a conventional bicycle of a little support to ease the pedaling effort. The relatively new S-EPAC surpasses the support of the e-bike by assisting the rider up to speeds of 45 km/h. This makes the S-EPAC for instance a very interesting mode of travel for commuting. For safe use of the S-EPAC adequate head protection is a necessity.

Helmet required

For users the S-EPAC is first and foremost a bicycle. But from 2017 onwards, the S-EPAC will be classified as a moped, due to the implementation of a revised European regulation. For the Netherlands and many other EU countries, this means wearing an ECE 22 compliant helmet will become mandatory. In comparison with a bicycle helmet compliant with EN 1078, the ECE 22 moped and motorcycle helmets are rather heavy and do not offer enough ventilation. In order to stimulate the use of S-EPAC's there is thus a need for both a safe and suitable helmet. To meet this need NEN is gathering helmet producers and other relevant stakeholders to write down the requirements with which such a helmet should comply.

Certification scheme

For consumers and enforcement institutions it will be very important to be able to check whether the helmets on the market actually meet criteria of the NTA. This can be done with a certificate. To make sure that certifiers, all certify S-EPAC helmets in the exact same manner NEN will also develop a certification scheme next to the NTA.

European standard

The lack of an existing suitable helmet for S-EPAC's is not just a Dutch issue. Therefore NEN tries to include international stakeholders from the beginning of the project in order to ultimately solve the issue with the development of a European Standard.

Participation and more information

To participate in in the standardization process or for more information: Robby Veders, consultant Industry and Safety, phone number 0031 15 2690 136 or e-mail

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