Dutch standard on asset management for energy network operations (NTA 8120) also available in English

31-08-2015 The Dutch energy network operators are frontrunners with the implementation of asset management; NTA 8120 is one of the first standards worldwide that describes sector specific requirements for asset management. The second edition of NTA 8120 ‘Asset management – Requirements for a safety, quality and capacity management system for electricity and gas network operations’ was published in June 2014. By publishing NTA 8120 in the English language, network operators in other countries as well as other interested parties can learn more about the sector specific implementation of asset management.

The English translation of NTA 8120 was initiated after a workshop with European representatives of the gas infrastructure sector. In view of the publication of ISO 55001 'Asset management – Management systems – Requirements' it was asked whether there is a need for a European sector specific standard for asset management in the gas infrastructure sector. Considering the situation in the various European countries, the workshop's conclusion was that it would be too early to start a European standardization project on this topic. The workshop's participants however, showed interest in the Dutch approach. In order to give these parties a better understanding about the sector specific implementation of asset management for energy network operators, it was decided to translate NTA 8120 into English.

Background NTA 8120

NTA 8120 provides requirements for a safety, quality and capacity management system in order to prevent nonconformities, failures and incidents. And, if they do occur, for controlling their consequences and to assure the safety, quality and capacity of the transmission and the distribution of electricity and gas during all phases of the lifecycle of electricity and gas networks.

Originating from the idea to develop a standard with requirements for a safety management system for gas network operations, NTA 8120 emerged to a standard that covers all aspects of asset management with a scope that includes electricity network operations as well, since most Dutch network operators have both gas and electricity networks. The second edition of NTA 8120 is fully aligned with ISO 55001 and pays attention to security aspects as well. A certification scheme has been developed in order to demonstrate compliance with NTA 8120 by a conformity assessment body. This certification scheme is currently under revision to be aligned with ISO 55001 certification and to be applicable for certification against the second edition of NTA 8120.

More information

Additional information about NTA 8120 can be obtained by contacting Jarno Dakhorst, e-mail jarno.dakhorst@nen.nl or call +31 15 2 690 245.

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