European Workshop: Request for advice on bio-based product standards and labels

21-04-2015 On 26 May 2015 the second Advisory Workshop of the Open-Bio project will take place in Brussels. The mid-term results of the project will be discussed and the audience invited to give feedback on the way forward planned by the project partners. Producers of and policy makers regarding bio-based products are specifically invited to join.

The free workshop addresses on-going research, intermediate results and plans for the future. It enables the project team to take in advice, and to get direct input from stakeholders of the industry, policy makers, standardization experts and other interested parties. With still 18 months of research, database development and functionality testing ahead, this is an opportunity for interested people to have an impact on future standards and policy advices.

The objective of the Open-Bio project is to create better opportunities for the market uptake of bio-based products via standards, labelling and procurement. By means of inter-laboratory testing and socio-economic investigations, the desirability of certain labels and tailor-made information for consumers and business, regarding bio-based products, will be determined.

Results so far

Intermediate results consist of a consumer and procurer analysis in 6 EU Member States on bio-based products. From this work a basis for a sensible product information list has been deducted. Also the essentials for bio-based labels have been determined. All this needs to be supported by test methods for the biodegradability of products; first real-life test results for degradation in three places in the ocean will be discussed. Also the feasibility for test methods that determine whether a product can easily be recycled, gasified or become compost at people's home will be part of the programme. Besides the big questions of how much biological material is really in it or does the material have the same or better properties than fossil-based versions.

Programme & information

This workshop will be held on 26 May from 10:30 – 17:00h at CEN in Brussels. Participation is free of charge and is limited to 40 participants. Online registration via is recommended This event is part of the Open-Bio project, funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (

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