European standard for cleaner-burning diesel fuel from synthesis or hydro-treatment finalised

25-07-2016 NEN is delighted to announce that the European Standard for paraffinic diesel fuel, made from synthesis or hydro-treatment (EN 15940), has received a 100% approval of the CEN members. In nine years this fuel specification evolved from a CEN Workshop Agreement created by a small industry group into a full country consensus document.

Paraffinic diesel fuels are liquid fuels that can be synthetically created from feedstocks such as natural gas (GTL), biomass (BTL) or coal (CTL); or manufactured from hydro-treating of vegetable oil or animal fats. These high-quality fuels burn cleaner than conventional crude-oil based diesel fuels and are thus able to reduce local harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter (i.e. less visible black smoke).

CEN and paraffinic fuel producers recognised that the increasing markets for such fuels would require the creation of a new specification. In 2007 work commenced a workshop agreement with a limited set of companies. NEN at that time provided the Secretariat of the group and later it administered the necessary inter-laboratory studies on the test method that needed to be assessed for their application to paraffinic diesel fuel. That research was funded by the European Commission and the fuel industry.

The final acceptance of the EN 15940 is a good example of European Member States working closely together to agree on a specification for another class of diesel fuel that has the potential to improve local air quality using the existing fuel infrastructure. The paraffinic diesel fuel can be applied as blend component in conventional diesel or as a 100 % finished fuel, which is already the case in several European markets. Via intensive research and coordination work this standard brings a fuel from a restricted captive fleet market into the public, where it is applied as blend component in regular diesel. This milestone represents a victory for public authorities, fuel and vehicle manufacturers, and above all for consumers across Europe.

NEN-EN 15940 published

NEN-EN 15940 'Automotive fuels - Paraffinic diesel fuel from synthesis or hydrotreatment - Requirements and test methods' is published and available in the NEN Normshop.

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For more information you can contact Ortwin Costenoble, consultant Energy, e-mail or telephone +31 15 2 690 326.

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More information

For more information please contact, Ortwin Costenoble, senior consultant Energy.

+31 15 2 690 326

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