ISO standards for CNG and LNG fuelling stations published

02-01-2017 In December 2016, ISO has published two international standards that will play an important role in the deployment of the alternative fuels infrastructure. The publication of ISO 16923 and ISO 16924 enables parties to apply broadly supported requirements for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of CNG and LNG fuelling stations, respectively.

A large group of experts from various countries across the world has worked on these ISO standards during the past years. The experts have shared their knowledge and experiences to establish the state-of-the-art. All interested parties had the opportunity to provide comments during two public enquiries. ISO 16923 and ISO 16924 provide practical tools for industry and authorities to further develop the infrastructure for natural gas as automotive fuel.

The European Commission published the Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (2014/94/EU) in 2014. This Directive refers to technical specifications for this infrastructure that should be established in European standards with respect to interoperability aspects. For this reason, the European Commission has requested the European organisations for standardization – CEN and CENELEC – to develop these standards including CNG and LNG fuelling stations. European stakeholders have indicated that ISO 16923 and ISO 16924 will be adequate to be adopted as European standard, and with that as national standard in the 34 countries that are member of CEN. This adoption process will be initiated in 2017.

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The Netherlands has much experience in the field of natural gas fuelling stations and has an extensive network where vehicles can be filled with natural gas. Dutch stakeholders have developed guidelines for both CNG and LNG, PGS 25 and PGS 33-1, respectively, also to harmonize, and with that to facilitate the permitting processes for natural gas fuelling stations across the country. These guidelines, which are part of the hazardous substances publication series (PGS), have also served as input for the ISO process and have contributed significantly to the content of the published ISO standards. Both PGS documents are currently under revision to incorporate the latest developments.

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Contact NEN customer services for more information by phone +31 15 2 690 391 or e-mail NEN holds the secretariat of the ISO technical committee that is responsible for ISO 16923 and ISO 16924. Information about these standards or the standardization process can be obtained from Jarno Dakhorst consultant Energy by phone +31 15 2 690 245 or e-mail NEN has also managed the Dutch LNG Safety Program. The results of this program are available at

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