NEN takes preventive measures due to COVID-19

13-03-2020 Yesterday, the Dutch government crisis team (cabinet and RIVM) announced measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as much as possible. NEN follows the advice of RIVM.

The measures taken until March 31, both for visitors and employees, mean that:

  • Events with more than 100 participants are canceled.
  • The NEN office is not a meeting location. All meetings and meetings will take place virtually, be postponed or canceled. This also applies to meetings at NEN organized by third parties.
  • NEN employees do not travel internationally for work, unless it is really necessary.
  • All employees with a cold, sore throat, cough or fever stay at home.
  • If possible, all employees work from home.

International standardization

Standardization does not come to a standstill due to the measures taken. To keep the international standardization system running as well as possible, both NEN and the European CEN-CENELEC and global ISO are implementing alternative solutions. Meetings take place virtually, are postponed or canceled.

Normally we meet hundreds of visitors a week, not only from The Netherlands, but from all over the world. We realize that the measures are far-reaching. We therefore ask for your understanding.

More information

If you had planned to attend one of our meetings before March 31, you will receive a personal message. Do you have any other questions? Please contact the Communications department, e-mail

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