The letter of intent is signed on Cooperation in Standardization with Vietnam, Netherlands

07-09-2018 On the occasion of the visit to NEN in the Netherlands by the Deputy Minister of Construction of Vietnam, Mr. Le Quang Hung, a letter of intent (LoI) on Cooperation in Standardization with special regard to the construction sector of Vietnam, is signed by NEN.

Vietnam MoC Deputy Minister, Mr. Le Quang Hung and NEN Standards Manager Mr. Harold Pauwels (Photo: NEN/Judith Tolsma)

The Vietnamese delegation visits NEN from the need for more insight into the Eurocodes – world’s most complete system of (European) standards for structural and geotechnical design. During the bilateral meeting, the two parties particularly emphasized the preparation for the signing of the agreement between the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (DSTE), Ministry of Construction of Vietnam (MoC) and the Department of Materials & Construction Products, NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute) on Dutch support for standards development activities in the construction sector of Vietnam.

Comments on the Cooperation in Standardization

Commenting on the signing, Harold Pauwels, NEN Standards Business Unit Manager, said: ‘Vietnam and the Netherlands have a historical relation since 1973. These relations have developed in strategic partnership on climate change and water management (2010) and the strategic partnership on sustainable agriculture and food security (2014). NEN is the leading company for Dutch standards developments, was established in 1916 and works with standard bodies around the world to help develop best practice codes. The signing on cooperation in design and construction standards on September 6th in 2018 at NEN in Delft, is building on this continuously developing bilateral relations and strategic partnerships throughout the world of design standards for construction.'


For more information about the Eurocodes and/or this cooperation with Vietnam, please contact Mark Lurvink, consultant Materials & Construction Products, by e-mail

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