World Cup 2014, the football standards

21-05-2014 Will we make it to the finals? Will we be World Champion for the first time in history? It’s no easy undertaking, our group stage is a huge challenge! But did you know that it is also quite a challenge to make sure a tournament like the World Cup football is safe for both players and fans?

People from all over the world participate in making agreements about safety, quality and service levels. We don’t always see these standards, but they are there, to make your life easier and safer on a daily basis. And when it comes to football, it needs to be a fair and safe game!

That’s why there are requirements for the goal, the ball, the seats in stadiums, and even for beer! To get to know these standards, we present you a squad of eleven!


"Time is running out for preparations in Brazil, venues or airports may not be “totally ready” for the 2014 World Cup. However, the tournament kicks off on June 12..."

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