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De normcommissie volgt en neemt deel aan het internationale normalisatiewerk van de IEC/TC 15 en IEC/TC 112.


Het internationale werkgebied is als volgt omschreven:

IEC/TC 15 Solid electrical insulating materials:
To prepare international standards including specifications for solid electrical insulating materials alone and in simple combinations. This includes coatings which are applied in the liquid state but cure to solids, such as varnishes and coatings.
Note: TC15 strictly understands "simple combination" as insulation materials (e.g. combined flexible materials according to IEC 60626) and not as combinations of insulation materials due to the manufacturing process of electrical devices. This does not exclude that during testing it might be necessary to include electrodes on specimens of material.
TC15 establishes definitions, general requirements and specification sheets for individual types of materials. The standards include test methods and guidance where these are required for the specifications.

IEC/TC 112 Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems
To prepare International Standards covering methods of evaluation and qualification for electrical and electronic insulating materials, and electrical insulation systems.
Horizontal Safety Function:
Test methods for resistance to tracking.
NOTE: An electrical insulating material has negligibly low electric conductivity, used to separate conducting parts at different electrical potentials. An electrical insulating system is an insulating structure containing one or more electrical insulating materials together with associated conducting parts employed in an electrotechnical device.

Meer informatie over normcommissie NEC 15/112 vindt u in het commissieplan


De specifieke interesse van de leden gaat uit naar de volgende werkgroepen/aandachtsgebieden:

IEC/TC 112/AG 11 - Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems - Advisory Group (AG)
IEC/TC 112/WG 1 - Thermal endurance
IEC/TC 112/WG 3 - Electric Strength
IEC/TC 112/WG 4 - Dielectric/Resistive Properties
IEC/TC 112/WG 5 - Tracking
IEC/TC 112/WG 6 - General methods of evaluation of electrical insulation
IEC/TC 112/WG 8 - Various Material Properties

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