Kerntechnische instrumentatie

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Kerntechnische instrumentatie
NEC 45 heeft als werkgebied het begeleiden van de internationale normalisatie in mondiale en Europese normalisatiecommissies inzake kerntechnische instrumentatie. NEC 45 treedt op als Nationaal inspraakplatform voor IEC/TC 45, IEC/SC 45A, IEC/SC 45B, CLC/TC45AX.en CLC/TC45B.


De scope van deze commissies is:

  • IEC/TC 45 Nuclear instrumentation:To prepare international standards relating to electrical and electronic equipment and systems for instrumentation specific to nuclear applications.
  • IEC/SC 45A Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities: To prepare standards applicable to the electronic and electrical functions and associated systems and equipment used in the instrumentation and control systems (I&C) of nuclear energy generation facilities (Nuclear Power Plants, fuel handling and processing plants, interim and final repositories for spent fuel and nuclear waste) to improve the efficiency and safety of nuclear energy generation. Our standards cover the entire lifecycle of these I&C systems, from conception, through design, manufacture, test, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, aging management, modernization and decommissioning.
  • IEC/SC45B: Radiation protection instrumentation en heeft als scope: To prepare standards covering all the fields of radiation protection instrumentation. That is, for the measurement under both normal and accident conditions of: a) external and internal individual exposure, b) the workplace, c) the environment (including foodstuffs)
    • external and internal individual exposure,
    • the workplace,
    • the environment (including foodstuffs)
  • CLC/TC45AX Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities: To prepare the endorsement of IEC/SC45A standards as EN standards and, if necessary, common modifications.
  • CLC/TC45B Radiation protection instrumentation: Provisional: Endorsement of IEC/SC 45B documents at European level

In het commissieplan vindt u het plan van de normcommissie Kerntechnische instrumentatie.


Normcommissie 364045 heeft geen nationaal werkprogramma, maar treedt op als schaduwcommissie voor:
- ClC/SR 45;
- CLC/TC 45AX;
- CLC/TC 45B;
- IEC/TC 45;
- IEC/SC 45A;
- IEC/SC 45B.

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