Call for Tender

NEN regularly carries out (European) standardisation or advisory projects for which we need external experts or partner organisations. In cases where the European Commission is (co)financing such a project, a public procurement procedure is often required for the selection of the external experts or partner organisations.

Call for tender - Entertain a filter blocking tendency test on FAME blends

Under the EU H2020 research and innovation programme a project has been developed for which the European Commission (EC) and CEN have signed a contract (SA/CEN/RESEARCH/EFTA/000/2014-13) under the Framework Partnership Agreement with CEN-CENELEC (FPA). The project is titled: "Engine tests with new types of biofuels and development of biofuel standards". One of its objectives being to make FAME standard EN 14214 more robust to ensure B7 is fit for purpose and to be prepared in case of higher blends B10 - B30.

Goal of the tender contract
The objective of this study is to use a startability and driveability quotation test and a filter plugging rig test methodologies able to discriminate fuels in their ability to produce good cold start and idle in a recent and new, direct injection diesel engine for passenger car application and a lab rig test representative to the vehicle fuel system, respectively. The methodology aims at easily comparing fuels during the starting phase and idle. It is intended to test fuels blends (B30) with different FAMEs, of which some contain polymeric residues, on engine with the Groupe Français de Coordination (GFC) cold start behaviour notation methodology to rank the different fuels in the case of the startability and driveability quotation test. Read more about the tender.

Tasks of the sub-contractor
The project consists of three parts, preferably to be tendered to a single operator or a consortium, further contracted where appropriate. Alternatively, tenders can be made for each separate part of the activity. Read more about the tasks.

Replies to tender
Tenders can be sent by e-mail to the programme manager, Mr. Ortwin Costenoble (energy@nen.nl) as soon as possible, at the latest at 22 March. The tender shall contain a specified breakdown of tasks, costs and expenses for work, travel, consumables/market products and others where relevant and a first planning for the execution of the tasks, which will form the start of the discussion regarding the tender contract. If necessary, additional information can be obtained via the programme manager, Mr Ortwin Costenoble (T: +31 15 2690 330, e-mail energy@nen.nl) or via the task manager for TF3, Gérald Crépeau.


Openbare aanbestedingen

NEN voert geregeld projecten uit op het gebied van (Europese) normalisatie of advies waarvoor de inzet van externe experts of partner organisaties nodig is. Waar de Europese Commissie (mede)financier is van deze projecten moet voor de selectie van deze experts of partner organisaties veelal een openbare aanbestedingsprocedure worden gevolgd.

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