Openbare aanbestedingen

NEN voert geregeld projecten uit op het gebied van (Europese) normalisatie of advies waarvoor de inzet van externe experts of partner organisaties nodig is. Waar de Europese Commissie (mede)financier is van deze projecten moet voor de selectie van deze experts of partner organisaties veelal een openbare aanbestedingsprocedure worden gevolgd.


Call for Tender

NEN regularly carries out (European) standardisation or advisory projects for which we need external experts or partner organisations. In cases where the European Commission is (co)financing such a project, a public procurement procedure is often required for the selection of the external experts or partner organisations.

Request for tender regarding the drafting of an EN on dose assessment of emitted gamma radiation (CEN TC 351 WG 3)
CEN/TC 351 'Construction products: Assessment of release of dangerous substances' was established in 2005 to execute the Mandate 3661. Directive 2013/59/Euratom addresses the issue of natural radioactivity of building materials. It defines a reference level of 1 mSv/year (in addition to the natural background) which applies to indoor external exposure to gamma radiation emitted by building materials. Emission of dangerous radiation is also one of the factors cited in Annex I of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR; EU/305/2011) impacting the basic requirements for construction works regarding hygiene, health and the environment. Directive 2013/59/Euratom had to be transposed in the European national legislations before February 2018. EU countries should thus have defined requirements regarding the external exposure from building materials. Consequently, there is a need to harmonize the methods used to assess the dose in order to compare it with the reference level. The European Commission has given a mandate to CEN/TC 351 (working group 3 “Radiation”) to develop an EN on dose modelling of emitted gamma radiation.

Objective and content of the work
The objective of the call is to prepare a draft European standard (EN) on the basis of the published CEN/TR 17113:2017.

The EN shall: - describe the method to assess the external dose from a building material taking into account its intended use;
- in its final version be user-friendly;
- state clearly what are the needed input parameters for the assessment;
- focus on the assessment method and avoid any regulatory remarks;
- meet all formal requirements of CEN.

The successful applicant will need to:
- address all left over technical/non-editorial comments which had been submitted during the approval procedure of the technical report;
- clarify, check and validate the basic assumptions of the technical report;
- interact with TG 32 and incorporate comments and suggestions of TG 32 in the proposed EN;
- interact with the HERCA working group on natural radiation sources;
- address comments submitted during the CEN enquiry procedure on the draft EN;
- provide a finalized version of the EN.

More information can be found in the Request for tender (pdf).

Tenders can be sent to the secretary of CEN/TC 351 as soon as possible, at the latest by 1 March 2019.

Call for tender Nano-objects and their aggregates and agglomerates (NOAA) in the workplace

Call for tender for 2 project leaders, and several workplace exposure experts, for the development of 3 standards, in the frame of Specific Agreement CEN/2018-10 'NOAA in the workplace'.

As a follow up of Mandate M/461 Nanotechnologies, 3 deliverables will be developed by CEN/TC 137 ‘Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents’ - WG 3 ‘Particulate matter’:

- Sampling and counting rules for the characterization of airborne NOAA in the workplace by scanning and transmission electron microscopy:

*Part 1: CEN/TS: Sampling of nano-objects and their agglomerates and aggregates in the workplace for electron microscopy

*Part 2: EN: Counting rules for the characterization of airborne nano-objects and their agglomerates and aggregates for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

- Application of direct-reading low-cost sensors for measuring NOAA in the workplace:

CEN/TS: The objective of this project is to develop a workplace monitoring strategy for measuring NOAA with low-cost sensors based on results of laboratory and workplace tests.

More information can be found in the Call for tender.

Tenders shall be sent to Ms. Caroline van Hoek, caroline.vanhoek@nen.nl, secretary of CEN/TC 137/WG 3, at the latest by 2019-03-14. For the tender, please use the application form.




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