Openbare aanbestedingen

NEN voert geregeld projecten uit op het gebied van (Europese) normalisatie of advies waarvoor de inzet van externe experts of partner organisaties nodig is. Waar de Europese Commissie (mede)financier is van deze projecten moet voor de selectie van deze experts of partner organisaties veelal een openbare aanbestedingsprocedure worden gevolgd.


Call for Tender

NEN regularly carries out (European) standardisation or advisory projects for which we need external experts or partner organisations. In cases where the European Commission is (co)financing such a project, a public procurement procedure is often required for the selection of the external experts or partner organisations.

Open call for working group 4'Food/Feed'convenor
Open call for working group 4'Food/Feed'convenor CEN/TC 454 ‘Algae and algae products’

Specific agreement: SA/CEN/2016-04/ENER/C2/498-2016/SI2.735225

Background: The European Commission (EC) and CEN have signed a contract (SA/CEN/2016-04/ENER/C2/498-2016/SI2.735225) under the Framework Partnership Agreement 2014. The project is titled: "Algae or algae based products or intermediates" and is related to the Standardization Request M/547 as regards algae and algae-based products or intermediates. The objective of the project is to develop standardization deliverables under CEN/TC 454 'Algae and algae products', which was established in the beginning of 2017. At its first meeting on 31 May 2017, the TC defined its scope and work division, which resulted in the creation of 6 dedicated Working Groups (WGs). One of these WGs, namely WG 4 ‘Food/Feed’ is looking for a new convenor (the current convenor cannot continue due to circumstances). This tender is thus a call for WG 4 convenor of this established WG 4 that will draft the Technical Report on Food/Feed and consider the comments received from the CEN members.

This tender is a call for experts to lead the standardization work in the following working group: Working Group 4 "Specifications for food/feed sector applications" with the scope to develop quality designations and indications for algae and directly derived products from algae.

For detail on the work of the WG 4, see Annex 1.

Tasks to be performed
The main task of the tenderer during the period between November 2018 (next CEN/TC 454 plenary meeting) and February 2021 (the end-date of the contract) is to act as a Convenor of WG 4 to which he/she will be appointed. The role of a Convenor is described in the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulation Part 2. In short, the Convenor:
- is responsible for the proper conduct of the work;
- ensures that experts participating are properly briefed on the work required;
- organizes the relevant virtual an face-to-face WG meetings with the group of experts in order to achieve the objectives / draft the deliverables as indicated in the Annex;
- works closely with the national standardization body (NSB) providing professional standardization support to his/her group. a.o. to have the necessary knowledge for leading the work;
- ensures with the NSB in support that the drawing up of a draft standard is made according to CEN Rules for the structure and drafting of European Standards; and
- if required, provides assistance in the preparation of further proposals for development of CEN deliverables and the final report to the EC.

Tender basics
This tender is part of an overall project funded by the European Commission and executed by the European Standardization Committee, CEN. The project execution is seconded to NEN, the Dutch Standardization Institute. NEN will be the contractor. The person applying for the activity, or his organization, will be assigned on the basis of an engagement contract with NEN. The engagement contract will be on the basis of an average daily tariff for the work executed. If required, a separate amount for travel can be invoiced. Travels are to WG or TC meetings on locations over Europe. Both work and travel shall be paid for on the basis of a detailed declaration with proof of costs made. As for each working group the expected amount of days of work and travels is differently, the final contract total will be discussed as part of the contract negotiations.

Replies to tender
Applications should be submitted using the attached application form by 3 November 2018. Applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration. Applications shall be composed of the application form duly filled in as well as a short and concise Curriculum Vitae focused on the experience, publications, achievements and skills relevant to the project. Applications shall be sent by e-mail to indra.teronde@nen.nl with c.c. to timo.degroot@nen.nl.
The tender shall indicate the (average) daily tariff that the applicant charges and whether that tariff includes travel costs.

If necessary, additional information can be obtained via the CEN/TC 454 Mr. Indra te Ronde (t: +31 15 2690 326, e: indra.teronde@nen.nl).




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