Call for Tender

NEN regularly carries out (European) standardisation or advisory projects for which we need external experts or partner organisations. In cases where the European Commission is (co)financing such a project, a public procurement procedure is often required for the selection of the external experts or partner organisations.

Call for tender for E20/25 engine testing
The work that this tender covers is to procure ethanol and gasoline product in sufficient quantity in order to subsequently blend fuels in line with a test fuel matrix provided. This is followed by storage of the master blends and supply a sub-set of sample bottles to pre-indicated labs to allow them to execute octane measurements. The master blends will be used for engine and emission tests using E20 and E25 type of bio-gasoline by CEN in Q2 2017.

Offers for provision of the testing and reporting are treated individually although consortium offers will also be considered. Tenders can be sent (by mail or e-mail) to the programme manager (energy@nen.nl) as soon as possible, at the latest at 30 January 2017.

You can read more about this Call for quotation for E20/25 engine testing here.

Request for tender regarding the robustness validation of the draft methods for eluate and content analysis of organic substances
For the robustness validation of the draft TSs 00351024 and 00351026, being the 'umbrella standards' for analysis and content of organic substances in and from construction products, the CEN/TC 351/WG 5 Evaluation Committee has prepared this request for tender.

The work

The work consists of two parts: - Examination of suitability of content analysis methods from other fields for organic substances in construction products, and
- Examination of suitability of analysis methods from other fields for organic substances in eluates from construction products.

Reply to the tender may be provided by one organization or one organization using subcontracts. Offers for the entire project as specified in Annex A are preferred, but offers for one of the parts may be submitted too.

Tenders can be sent (by mail or e-mail) to the secretary of CEN/TC 351 as soon as possible, at the latest by 1 February 2017.
Read more about this request for tender.

Call for tender - Evolution of Structural Eurocodes

Phase 2 tender process launched for the Evolution of the Structural Eurocodes

A public call for tenderers to draft the 2nd generation of Structural Eurocodes (EN 1990 – EN 1999) is now open for submissions. The call covers Phase 2 of the planned work programme and invites leading experts to submit proposals to participate in the 22 Project Teams being formed.

Phase 2 is part of a six year phased programme of work, supported by the European Commission, for the development of the 2nd generation of European standards for structural and geotechnical design. Phase 1 of the work programme commenced in 2015.

Comments on the launch

Commenting on the launch of the call for experts for Phase 2, the Chairman of CEN/TC 250, Professor Steve Denton FREng, said:
‘The publication of the first generation of Structural Eurocodes was a huge achievement representing the culmination of 30 years of collaborative effort. The launch of this call marks the second key milestone in our work to ensure these Standards remain fully up to date and globally respected. Through this public call, we continue our important endeavor to produce safe, economic and globally applicable structural and geotechnical design codes of the highest quality, placing designers at the heart of our work and with a major focus being on enhancing the ease of use of the Standards.'

Online submission web form

The online submission web form link and further details can be found on the NEN (www.nen.nl/eurocodes2020) and CEN websites. The deadline for submission of proposals to participate in the work is 6 February 2017, 5.00pm Central European Time (GMT+1).

Call for tender - Entertain a feasibility study for use of petrol in a CI engine concept
The objective of this work is to construct a single-cylinder CI (diesel-type) engine that is operable over a full-speed/load range on standard European grade petrol. This shall be proven by running a series of test fuels under standardized test cycles (including a range of speed and load conditions) measuring regulated emissions and fuel consumption in order to prove the concept of petrol use in a CI engine.

The design of the single cylinder concept will be made available to the tenderer once selected. Tenders can be sent (by mail or e-mail) to the programme manager (energy@nen.nl) as soon as possible, at the latest at 15 February 2017.

Read more about this call for tender.


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NEN voert geregeld projecten uit op het gebied van (Europese) normalisatie of advies waarvoor de inzet van externe experts of partner organisaties nodig is. Waar de Europese Commissie (mede)financier is van deze projecten moet voor de selectie van deze experts of partner organisaties veelal een openbare aanbestedingsprocedure worden gevolgd.

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