Meetapparatuur voor elektrische en elektromagnetische grootheden

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Meetapparatuur voor elektrische en elektromagnetische grootheden
De commissie NEC 85 zorgt er voor dat de belangen van het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven en de Nederlandse kennisinstellingen worden ingebracht in de Europese en mondiale normontwikkeling op het gebied van meetapparatuur voor elektrische en elektromagnetische grootheden.


NEC 85 treedt op als schaduwcommissie voor IEC/TC 85 en CLC/TC 85X.

De taak en het werkgebied van deze commissies zijn:

To prepare international standards for equipment, systems, and methods used in the fields of measurement, test, recurrent test, monitoring, evaluation, generation and analysis of steady state and dynamic (including temporary and transients) electrical and electromagnetic quantities, as well as their calibrators. Such equipment includes devices for testing the safety of power distribution systems and connected equipment, devices for monitoring the power distribution systems, electrical measuring transducers, signal generators, recorders together with their accessories.

NOTE: Product safety aspects are covered by TC 66.

To develop European standards for equipment and systems for measuring, testing, monitoring, generating, and analyzing simple and complex electrical and electromagnetic quantities, as well as their calibrators. These standards apply to measuring equipment for industrial, commercial and building electrical installations (networks) always with the aim to preserve the quality of power supply in order to avoid malfunction and overheating of the connected devices, in particular due to an alteration of the mains voltage. The development of harmonized standards is also intended to meet the challenges of controlling energy consumption and is likely to be used as a support to the Technical Bodies involved in the Smart Grid and Smart Metering activities, or to be used as a support for EC Directives. Equipment in the scope of CLC/TC 85X include power meters and power quality instruments, calibrated measurement devices, signal generators, monitoring equipment, recorders and electrical measuring transducers, and devices for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures as given by European installation standards, together with their accessories.


In het commissieplan vindt u meer informatie over de normcommissie "Meetapparatuur voor elektrische en elektromagnetische grootheden"


De belangrijkste activiteiten van NEC 85 zijn:

  • actieve participatie in CLC/TC 85X en IEC/TC 85
  • de implementatie van mondiale en Europese normen in Nederland
  • het geven van technische adviezen binnen het werkgebied van de commissie

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