Health and wellness apps

There are thousands Health and Wellness apps: to quit with smoking, to track sporting activities, to guide lifestyle change. Without any medical knowledge these apps can be downloaded and used. However there is also concern about the safety and reliability of many of these apps.

How reliable are these apps. The European Commission (EC) is supporting a project to develop an ISO Technical Specification (TS) for Quality and reliability requirements for health and wellness apps.

By developing an appropriate set of requirements that are aligned to ISO and IEC standards, this TS will address the needs of healthcare providers, those evaluating apps, and those developing apps.

Interest to participate?

Anybody with an interest in the development of the quality and reliability criteria can participate.

This project is especially interesting for:

  • Care professionals who wants to know which apps are useful and reliable to be used in health care;
  • Users of apps, or consumers who wants to know which apps are safe, and deliver on what they promise;
  • App developers and app checkers who wants to know what criteria are used to access whether the app is safe, useful, user friendly and technically sound.

Why participate?

Participating in the development has benefits:

  • Make sure that existing (national) criteria are incorporated in the international document;
  • Cooperate in a network of dedicated experts on the subject;
  • Know early about the quality criteria that will be used to assess health and wellness apps.


When you want an update of the developments so far or have interest to participate please contact your national standardization body or NEN.

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