Construction, Building, Products and Materials

When you become a member of a committee, you can follow the developments directly and you can actively influence the process by joining a NEN standards committee. This means you can be the first to be informed and get access to a large network. Do you want to know more? Please contact our team Construction&Building or Construction, products and materials.

Construction Methods and Techniques

Climate control in buildings
Extinguish systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Fire safety of buildings
Measurement condition of construction and installation parts
Measurement condition of infrastructure
Smoke Control Systems
Sound insulation in buildings
Surface and density determination in urban
Surface Determination and classification costs for buildings
Sustainability of construction works
Technical facilities
Technical principles for building structures

Construction, products and materials

Discontinuous roofing materials
Fire Safety Aspects construction products and building
Flat glass
Flexible sheets for waterproofing
Geo synthetics
Granular materials for construction
Guide rail
Horizontal markers
Light towers
Methods of construction
Noise reducing devices
Paving Materials
Precast concrete
Reinforcement material for use in concrete
Road materials
Road signs
Sealants for the construction
Slip resistance
Sports Flooring
Structural aspects of solar energy
Suspended ceilings
Thermal insulation materials
Traffic lights

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A new subject for Standardization?

If you have a new subject that could qualify for standardization, please contact us Cluster Bouw & Installatie of Cluster Materialen & Bouwproducten.

CE-marking building & construction

NEN can also advise on CE-mark in construction&building. In Dutch:

CEN/TC 351

European technical committeee 'Construction products: Assessment of release of dangerous substances'. NEN is in charge of the secretariat CEN/TC 351 The mirror committee Nederlandse schaduwcommissie is part of NEN Environmental Managementsystems.