Presentations Vilnius, Lithuania

Padmaja Kamath Mandate M/366 and new standardization request under CPR
Annemieke Venemans (Very Short) Introduction on CEN/TC 351
Oscar Nieto Industry needs on dangerous substances
Udo Wiens & Hans van de Sloot Leaching eluate analysis and content measurement
Hans van de Sloot Leaching test results for construction products
Hans-Joachim Feuerbom The pros and cons of leaching classes
Veronique Eudes Indoor Air
Isabelle Lesieur Implementation of EN 16516, EURIMA Experience
Pekka Vuorinen Radiation from construction products
Raphael Bodet A methodological guide to assess natural radioactivity of building products
John Hubbard The concept of horizontal standardisation, benefits, reduction of redundant methods
Silvia Garcia Ruiz Validation programme and support by the JRC
Daan Smulders Statistical assessment of declared values
Michael Bukhardt Testing specific construction products for ecotoxicity
Ana-Marie Scutaru EU-LCI values for the health-related evaluation of construction products emissions
Eric Ruwiel Influence of Dutch soil quality decree on the EN 16637-series
Daan Smulders Influence of Dutch soil quality decree on the EN 16637-series
Jutta Kraus Leaching test methods of CEN/TC 351 and CEN/TC 444, Assessment of products and wastes
Dieter de Lathauwer Emissions into indoor air - Experience with EN 16516 in Belgium
Fran├žois Maupetit European regulation on release of ammonia from cellulose insulation products - Relations between EN 16516 and REACH
Bernd Hoffmann Implementation of EURO TOM Basic Safety Standards Directive in Member States

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