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When you become a member of a committee, you can follow the developments directly and you can actively influence the process by joining a NEN standards committee. This means you can be the first to be informed and get access to a large network. Do you want to know more? Please contact our team Electric & Electronic.

Technical committees Electrics
Alarm systems (NEC 79)
Alcohol lock
Electrical equipment because of explosion (NEC 31)
Electrical equipment of machines (NEC 44)
Electrical installations of ships and units of water (NEC 18)
Electrical Products and Systems (BC EPI)
Industrial measurement, control and automation (NEC65)
Installation instructions, high voltage (NEC 99)
Installation instructions, low voltage (NEC 64)
Lightning (NEC 81)
Operating Instructions (NEC 623)
Traffic electrical installations (NEC 214)
Technical committees Electronics
Automatic controls for household use (NEC 72)
Automation systems and integration
Cables, wires, waveguides
Cells and batteries (NEC 21/35)
Classification of Cases (NEC 70)
Coding of audio, picture, multimedia
Computer rooms and data centers
Contact centers
Credit assessment services
Data elements
Distributed application platforms and services
Distributed application platforms and services
Educational services
Electromechanical components for electronic equipment (NEC 48)
Electrostatics (NEC 101)
Environmental aspects of electrical equipment and components (NEC 111)
Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load (NEC 13)
Flammability (NEC 89)
Image, sound and multimedia (NEC 100)
Influence of EM fields on the human body (NEC 211)
Insulation coordination (low voltage) (NEC 109) (NEC 82)
Lamps and related equipment (NEC 34)
Non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI NEC)
Optical radiation safety and laser equipment (NEC 76)
Resistors and capacitors (NEC 40)
romagnetic compatibility (EMC NEC)
Safety of electrically powered tools (NEC 116)
Safety of electronic equipment in the field of audio / video, information technology and communication (NEC 108)
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances (NEC 61)
Semiconductors (NEC 47)
Solar energy systems (NEC 82)
Symbols and drawings (NEC 3)
Treatment and exchange of text
Using Properties of household and similar electrical appliances (NEC 59)
Technical committee Electricity
Core Engineering instrumentation (NEC 45)
Electric machines (NEC2)
Electric vehicles (NEC 69)
Electrical accessories (NEC 23)
Electrical equipment, systems and electronic applications for railways and similar guided transport (NEC 9)NEC 20)
Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load (NEC 13)
Fluids for electrical purposes (NEC 10)
Fuses (NEC 32)
HVDC (NEC 115)
Hydraulic Engineering - Wave and tidal generators (NEC114)
Insulation coordination (low voltage) (NEC 109)
Insulation Systems (NEC 15/112)
Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities (NEC 85)112)
Power electronics (NEC 22)
Power lines and insulators (NEC 11/36)
Power transformers and instrument transformers (NEC 14/38)
Remote operation of energy supply systems (NEC 57)
Remote reading of meters accounting (NEC 5701)
Smart Grids, standardization platform
Surge arresters (NEC 37)
Switchgear (NEC 17)
System Aspects of electricity (NEC 8)
Wire and cable for electrical power installations (NEC 20)

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