When you become a member of a committee, you can follow the developments directly and you can actively influence the process by joining a NEN standards committee. This means you can be the first to be informed and get access to a large network. Do you want to know more? Please contact our team ICT.

The following subjects are covered by these technical committees:
Automation systems and integration
Automatic identification
Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information
Computer rooms and data centers
Debt counselling
Distributed Application Platforms and Services
Expertise services
Fibre optic communications
Financial planning
Financial Services
Fraud countermeasures and controls
Identification cards and personal identification
Information and Documentation
Information and records management
Informatie en Documentatie
Interconnection of information technology equipment
IT security techniques
Laser Systems
Learning Technologies
Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems
Market research
Nanotechnology - Electrical
NEC 46 - 'Cables, wires, waveguides, R. F. connectors, R.F. and microwave Passive components and accessories'
Office equipment
Optical disks
Programming languages​​, environments and system software interfaces Their
RFID in libraries
Software and systems engineering
Telecommunications and information exchange between systems
Transport Telematics
Treatment and exchange of text
Using Properties of household appliances (NEC 59)

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