What is standardization?

Anyone interested in a particular topic is able to participate in standardization. Small, medium and large enterprises, government and associations are facilitated by NEN to meet up.

Even for day-to-day subjects, such as milk there are international agreements! This short animation illustrates the process of standardization:

National and International

Standardization is a process to realize a standard. This process is open, transparent and focused on consensus and takes place in standard committees which consist of representatives of all involved parties. This doesn’t occur only on national level but also on international level.

What is a standard?

A standard is a voluntary agreement between the parties about a product, service or process. Standards are not laws, but best practices. Everyone can - voluntarily - benefit of it. In business agreements standards have an important function. They provide market parties clarity and trust in products, services or organizations and challenge the society to innovate.


The starting point for standardization is that the participating organizations fund activities together. The vision is that those who benefit from standardization, are willing to contribute financially.

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