European and international standards

NEN does not only develop and control the national standards but offers also the gateway to the European and global standards. See below for the most common agreements:

European standard (EN)

European EN standard is valid for all European Member States. National standardization bodies are obliged to implement nationally the European standards.(implementation duties).
For the Dutch market this means that the European Standards carry the codes: NEN-EN. For Germany the code is: DIN-EN.

International standard (ISO or IEC)

An international standard has been developed internationally by ISO or IEC.
These implementation requirements for global standards do not apply to other countries.
Documents that are accepted by The Netherlands gain the coding
Some international standards are accepted in Europe. These are identified by the code: NEN-EN-ISO.

Technical Specification (CEN/TS or ISO/TS)

The technical specification is composed for provisional application.
The technical situations of the consensus is still insufficient to publish a standard. Also, a technical specification can be used for a quick interim publication of the result of the standards development process.

Technical Report (CEN/TR or ISO/TR)

A Technical Report (TR) has an informative character. It is published in order to provide certain information, such as technical data or an inventory of regulations and standards are made available for each country.

Workshop agreement (CWA or IWA)

A CWA or an IWA is developed in a CEN or ISO workshop. These workshops are open for everybody and everyone who is interested to participate. CWA or IWA are often the forerunner of a EN or ISO Standard.

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