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NEN Training

NEN has an extensive range of training courses based on current standards. A NEN training is designed to help you convert the theoretical standard into daily practice.

Training formats
Currently NEN facilitates the following training formats:

Classic training courses: 'classroom' training
Corporate training: customised training courses
E learning: online training

Benefits of a NEN training

A NEN training course is developed from the source of the standard. This means that NEN can anticipate and develop a training at an early stage of the standard development process.

Our lecturers are highly professional and in many cases were actively involved in developing the standard.

Furthermore NEN as an independant institution assures you of a non biased training that focuses on intergrated solutions.

Corporate training

Does your organisation have a number of people interested in a specific training? Then a corporate training would be the solution. At a corporate training at your location your specific needs form the basis. Via an intake interview and/or company visit we match the purpose and training content with you.

A corporate training is also financially attractive for you from six participants. Furthermore it limits travel expenses and travelling time for the participants and organisation

You decide the location, date and time of the training. For example: you may decide to have the training take place in the evening and not in regular working hours.

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English corporate training courses

The following 7 corporate training courses are currently available in English:

Electricity and Electronics
NEN 3140: semi skilled user

Quality, Environmental management and Sustainablity
ISO 19011: Risk based auditing
ISO 19011: Internal auditing
ISO 9001: The standard explained
ISO 9001: Taking over a quality management system
ISO 9001: Development and implementation of a quality management system

Medical care
Quality matters in healthy systems: How health standards support integrated care

E learning

Learn at your own pace
and convenience. E learning offers the possibility to learn via the internet, anywhere, anytime. Apply now and start tomorrow!

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NEN consultancy

Need help with implementing a standard?

At NEN we have not only knowledge of the context of the norm, but we also advise on its practical application and effective related work processes.

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