Your employees can start tomorrow with learning to work with the appropriate standards! Learn at your own pace and your convenience!

E-learning offers the possibility to learn via the internet, in a secure electronic learning environment, anywhere and anytime. Your employees can follow an online training that is specially developed for your training needs.

The benefits of E-learning

Training using e-learning reduces training costs. In addition, it offers the possibility of making e-learning an integral part of employee responsibilities. Where traditional training often focuses on a single 'learning moment', E learning offers frequent 'learning moments', for example, by making use of group discussions, memo trainer, polls and quizzes. These 'learning moments' are characterised by a short development time and a focus on delivering measurable results. Offering these E-learing training possibilities results in employees becoming proficient quicker and improves continuity and quality within the organisation.

Advantages of E-learning

  • Faster delivery cycle: not dependent on availability of classrooms and trainers
  • Timesaving: no traveling time, learning at own pace and focus on relevant learning needs
  • Cost effective: lower delivery costs and learning compression
  • Effective learning: measurable gains in information, knowledge, processes and procedures
  • Lower environmental impact: reduces carbon footprint, energy efficient and reduces paper usage

Blended learning format

An intermediate format using both classroom training and e-learning is also possible. The advantages of both formats are combined in this blended training. For example: you can choose to integrate your own specific learning needs and organisation characteristics in an customised extention of the basic online e-learning module. Hereby a customised learning procedure is built by use of the basic online learning module and specialised modules (classroom and/or online) in an optimal combination for your specific training needs.

Reporting results

If desired the results of students can be accessed by managers. Managers can use these results to develop and/or change strategy. A report on individual student level shows the results of all the different course components. This allows for the specific areas to be efficiently identified where the student needs additional support and/or training.


Using periodic tasks and questions we test if the student understands the subject matter. Based on the answers, we provide additional questions or additional information if needed. In addition, the student is able to view the learning material as often as he/she needs. Thereby the student is optimally prepared for the exam that concludes the E-learning module. If the exam is passed, the student receives a certificate from NEN.

NEN 3140: 'Working safely with electricity'

Currently the e-learning module NEN 3140: 'Working safely with electricity' is the only basic online module available in English. If you have any specific needs you can contact us to discuss possible options or solutions.

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