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A standard is often only a part of a solution. When a standard is implemented it frequently turns out to be part of a much more complex issue. At NEN we have not only detailed knowledge of the context of the standard, but we can also advise on its practical application and related work processes.

Consultancy Medical Devices
Need help in meeting the requirements of the European directives for medical devices? NEN can help you with the application of standards, guidelines in the form of individual coaching, workshops and seminars.

Consultancy NEN 7510
Care institutions and other organisations involved in the provision of information in health care make use of the NEN 7510. NEN consultancy offers a variety of products and services that support you in the introduction of this standard, such as FAQ’s, courses and information meetings.

Consultancy Electrical & Electronic
Do you have questions about NEN 1010, NPR 5310 and other electrical standards? NEN consultancy can provide you with a number of product and services.

Consultancy Industry, Logistics & Transport
CE-marking, product liability, risk assessment, users manuals, requirements for non-completed machinery and the declaration of conformity, standards in mechanical engineering include many aspects. NEN consultancy mechanical engineering develops products and services for members and non-members alike.

Consultancy Management systems
Whether it concerns implementation questions, integration of management systems or management of risks, NEN consultancy Management systems can provide you with the answers you need.

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