NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1: Electrical equipment of machines

This training gives practical substance to the Low Voltage Directive and the Machinery Directive.


Duur One day from 09.30 to 16.30 hours
Aantal deelnemers Minimum 4
Voor wie Designers, constructors, mechanics, panel builders, electricians, employees of technical services, installation managers, and others who design, manufacture, assemble, adapt or renovate machines. In addition, inspection authorities, advisors, inspectors and occupational health and safety services involved in risk inventories and evaluations, inspection (FAT and SAT) and inspection of machines and composite installations.
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The ‘NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1: Electrical equipment of machines’ classroom training shows you around the system of legislation and standards, and discusses the technical changes that the renewal of IEC 60204-1:2018 will bring about.

You build, modify, renovate or inspect machines. When setting up the electrical equipment of machines, you are dealing with the NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1 standard.

  • What are the legal requirements for electrical safety and how does this standard relate to other standards?
  • How do you apply the necessary protection and monitoring?

After this training you will be able to set up a safe electrical equipment of machines. You know the regulations, work efficiently with the standards and know how to record your choices. If you are an inspector, you know what to look out for when checking the electrical equipment.

Standards for this training (not mandatory, but practical)

NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1:2018 en;fr
Veiligheid van machines - Elektrische uitrusting van machines - Deel 1: Algemene eisen


  • You are familiar with the legal requirements for electrical safety in mechanical engineering;
  • You can use the relevant requirements for your own project;
  • You can set up main current circuits and control current circuits, including the necessary excess current protections;
  • You know the requirements for the resistance to short circuit of components and the rail system;
  • You can apply the additional requirements of this standard to control panels, such as the correct colours, minimum diameter and length of the wiring, terminal strip layout, panel construction, free spaces, mounting, derating of components;
  • You know how to use the additional requirements for power drive systems (PDS) in safety applications;
  • You can assess the limitations and possibilities of STO on drives for your project;
  • You can make practical use of the new EMC requirements for the control panel and the associated field and machine cabling;
  • You know the implementation requirements for the design and application of safety control, such as redundancy, diversity, and the prevention of control current and main current errors;
  • You know how to test (inspect) the safety controls, safety systems and safety devices of your machines;
  • You are familiar with the changed regulations for the technical documentation.


9:30 Morning program
Welcome and introduction
Consistency with directives
Working with the standard
Electrical safety
Power supply
Switching and separating
Excess current and other types of protection
Potential equalisation
Switch gear
Electric lines
Installation methods
Electric motors
Accessories and lighting
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Afthernoon program
Control current circuits
Control functions
Errors, redundancy and diversity
Safety controls
NEN-EN 954-1
Emergency stop devices
Fence monitoring and light curtains
Introduction NEN-EN-ISO 13849
Introduction NEN-EN-IEC 62061
Operating interface
Electronic equipment
Technical documentation
16:30 Closure

The above is a standard programme; further substantive coordination for a customised set-up with the instructor is also possible.

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All employees follow the same training and specific business cases can be added. You decide where the training takes place, on what date and at what time. In consultation this training can also be followed in the evening. Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities.


Mr Pouw Jongbloed

Mr Pouw Jongbloed

Mr Pouw Jongbloed is a member of the Technical Commission NEN 1010, NEC 623, the Work Group NEN 1010 medical locations, NEC 31 and NEC 17B. He is also a board member of Stipel (Stichting Persoonscertificatie Energietechniek) and chairman of NEC 44.