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    Company administrators and users who log in with their own email have access
    to My profile.

To company administrator role

To my profile

You can access My profile via the pull-down menu next to the name in the top bar.

My profile

Changing name

Via My Profile - My details, you can change your name as shown in NEN Connect. Your email address can only be changed via My company – Users (see View and modify company details). You cannot change the company name yourself, NEN must be requested to do this for you.

Changing password

Under My Profile - Change Password, you can change your own password. If a general username / password is used within your organisation, you can also change these here. If the users in your organisation log in with their own email, they can change their password themselves via the Forgot password link on the login page, or via their own profile page. See Forgot your username and/or password?

Change password

Select the user whose password you want to change, then click Change Password. Enter the current password, then choose a new password. The password must meet several requirements. As you type, you will see what requirements you have met (green checkmarks) and which you have not (red crosses).

If you do not know the current password of the general user, you can enter the login name of the user on the login page of NEN Connect, then click Forgot Password. You will receive an email in the account of the company administrator with a link to set a new password.

Delete your account

If you are not the sole company administrator for your organisation, you can delete your account on the My profile page. If you are the only company administrator and want to delete your account, you must first create a new company administrator or convert a user to a company administrator. For more on this, see Creating new users - Edit User.

Users can also remove their accounts on their My profile page.

My account

Moving an account to another company department

It may be the case that different departments in your organisation have arranged multiple licences with NEN Connect. If so, there may be multiple company units registered under the domain of your organisation (e.g. Company administrators and users can then, if desired, switch company departments. This can be done via My Profile by clicking:

Change company

Subscribe or unsubscribe newsletter NEN Connect

You can subscribe on the Profile page on the NEN Connect newsletter by clicking on the button Receive Newsletter NEN Connect ->.

If you no longer want to receive the newsletter, you can click the link Unsubsrcibe at the bottom of the newsletter or send en email to Remember to mention which email you would like to unsubscribe.

Company users and My profile

As company users you can log in with your own email via My profile and:

Note: Company users who log in with a general username and password do not have acces to My profile.

You have the option to let your colleagues register themselves. Go to Option, Option 2, Licence request.

To company administrator role

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